We hope that this site will become the hub for everything biking in Hong Kong (and abroad). Whether it’s to chat in our forum, organise group rides or even sell unwanted gear in our classifieds section, this is the site to come to.

We will also keep you informed of HKMBA activities and efforts to open up new trails, with regular updates on our front page.

For those unfamiliar with the trails of Hong Kong check out our trail guide section, our interactive and downloadable maps direct you to the legal trails in HK, and highlight other potential trails that one day may become legal.

Need to buy something? Our shop directory will tell you where the shops are, what they stock and the hottest new gear in town.

Another key element of this site is to create a community, we want you to be involved, tell us your stories and experiences of rides, and not just in Hong Kong, been on an epic trip, nearly killed yourself at Whistler tell us and the riders in HK about it.

Got that killer pic or video clip? Share it with us in the gallery section. The top pics will also be downloadable as wallpaper. Who knows, your stories and pics/videos could inspire others.

Talking of being inspired. Our event calendar will keep you up to date of all the regions events.

But to take part in any race or even one of the longer rides in HK you must be in top shape so check out our skills and training section, its full of useful tips and handy hints that will give you the edge come race day.

And finally, remember it’s all about getting out there and doing what we love, our passion for biking and wanting to create a community is why this site is exists so get involved, become a member of the HKMBA and become part of the biking community.






我們期望這個網頁,將成為香港以及海外車手們的聯繫基地.這網頁還提供二手買賣區, 組織的單車活動等.以及為各下提供適當協助.