Event: Trail Building Workshops - Tai Lam CP - Jan 2012

This is your chance to step and make a difference for Mountain Biking where it really counts: building trails!

AFCD's First Mountain Biking Safety Day

For the past three years The hkmba has advocated good trail etiquette as a means to improve TRAIL safety and reduce conflict. last sunday, the AFCD together with participation from the HKMBA, HKCA, and hiking groups oficially launched their "share the Trail" campaign. Gold medal winning chan chun hing was on hand to talk to the crowd and demonstate safe riding techniques.

As the popularity of mountain biking has  climbed dramatically in the past 5 years so has the potential for conflict with other trail users, particularily hikers. Many mountain bikers are new to the sport and may not be aware of good trail etitiquette.

EVENT - AFCD Mountain Biking Safety Day - Dec 4,2011

AFCD is launching a mountain bike safety day this Sunday in Tai Lam Country Park. This is a long overdue and welcome safety campaign to encourage all users of the trails in the country parks to "Share the Trail" in a responsible and safe manner. The HKMBA has long encouraged this concept with our our own Sharing the Trail campaign and we fully support the AFCD in this endevour. HKMBA volunteers will assist by handing out pamplets during the day along the trails. See you there!

Event: Mountain Biking Safety Day

Aim: To promote the share use of trails by both bikers and hikers, as well as mountain biking safety
Date: 4 December 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm (kick-off ceremony will start at 11:00am)
Venue: Tai Lam Country Park Twisk Management Centre (near to the entrance at Route Twisk)
Admission: Free


(1) Exhibition panels about mountain biking and the necessary safety-related items;
(2) Demonstration on mountain biking technique and use of protective gear at the event.  
(3) At the kick-off ceremony of the event, Mr. Chan Chun-hing (the gold medalist of the men's cross-country cycling event at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou) will share his cycling experience and demonstrate how to ride a mountain bike in a safe manner.
(4) Distribution of leaflets by volunteers in Tai Lam Country Park

Angkor Wat Bike Race - Bike For Kids

Its not an HK Event but Certainly a worthy cause

To sign up for the Angkor Wat Bike Race & Ride or for more information please visit You can also follow the Angkor Wat Bike Race & Ride on twitter or via facebook. 

Green Power Hike for a Green Future

Its not mountain biking but its a worthy event no less.
For those of you who plan to ride the Dragon's Back on this day perhaps give it pass and maybe hike it instead.

Green Power Hike is one of the largest charitable walkathons. Each year, around 3,000 participants walk for a green cause. Donation raised in the Hike is used for development of environmental education in Hong Kong. The 19th Green Power Hike is now open for entry; people of all ages are welcome to join

 Date: 14 January 2012 (Sat)
Quota: 3,000 (First come, first served)
Venue: Hong Kong Trail (50km / 25km / 10km)
Entry Deadline: 2 December 2011

* Applicants who enroll on or before 4 November 2011 will be entitled to The 19th Green Power Hike T-shirt

 Enquiries: 3961 0200

 Details and Online Entry: Please visit Green Power Hike Website
Come and join The 19th Green Power Hike now!

TVB Episode Highlights the Challenges of Cycling in HK

Pearl Report episode "Bikers Burden" reveals that HK has enormous potential for cycling but lacks  Infrastructure and supporting government policy

Watch the episode here:

Kudos to Eric Chan of the Tai Lam CP AFCD for being the lone government official to be interviewed for this show. You will also see a few members of the HKMBA team including Kenneth Lam, Steve Coward (aka bikesteve), and Pierre Le Magnan, owner of Chiru Bikes.

Riders will be happy to know that the MTR will let you take your bikes on their trains provided you remove your front wheel. Its an inconvenience as Martin Turner points out but it opens up the potential of safely exploring Hong Kong by bike.

Enjoy the show..


Trail Springs Eternal

For the first time in a decade, HKMBA volunteers joined forces with AFCD and others to build new trails in Tai Lam Coutry Park this past weekend.


by Brandon Kirk

If ever anyone needed a visual example in arguing that nothing is impossible, they would need to look no further than beyond the flagstone steps leading from Route Twisk to the "official" Mountain Bike trail at Tai Mo Shan. What seemed like a lost cause mere weeks ago is back on track - we are finally seeing the beginnings of a proper trail system, purpose-built for mountain biking, in Tai Lam Country Park.

Test Ride - Chiru Pulse 29er

Hong Kong based Chiru bikes is coming out later this month with its first 29er model - the pulse x0. the big question on many minds this year is 'should i get a 29er?' both bob smith, a long time 29er rider, and steve coward, a newcomer to this diameter, share their different perspectives on this innovative bike.


Feature: Chiru Bikes - can they tame the Tiger??

Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan, owner and founder of Chiru Bikes and a well known elite Mountain biker and adventure racer puts  his new chiru bikes and his wits to the supreme test against the tiger and the dragon, two legendary mountain ranges in north west china in the first ever chiru EPIC and Quest.

In the fall of 2010, Pierre and several other mountain bikers from Hong Kong and the USA travelled to Lijiang Valley and first embarked on the Chiru Epic, a ride lasting several days and following routes that were not well known, and quite dangerous and uncertain. The Chiru Quest followed the Epic as Pierre and his intrepid companions tested their biking mettle against altitude, snow and of course against the mighty Jade Dragon Mountain itself. Read Pierre's first person account or browse the the gallery of his photos. Better yet, sit back, relax and enjoy two incredible video documentaries. Chiru Bikes corporate site:

chiru quest lead

The DZ Goldcoast Re-Opening Party Feb 27

They are back in business!
Access to the park is FREE !!

More info on facebook at





Event - Harbourfront bike ride for a pollution free Hong Kong

waterfrontbikerideposter medium

4th Waterfront Bike Ride

for a Pollution-Free Hong Kong

Saturday 12 February at 10am-2:30pm

PRICE : Free Admission (HK$100 bike rental available)

PLACE : Depart Cadogan Street Temporary Garden in Kennedy Town; ride to Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter

ENQUIRIES : Harbourfront Bikeride for Pollution Free Hong Kong

EMAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2010 Year in Review

better late than never - here is a brief summary of our work from 2010 and quick view of what to expect in 2011

2010 copy

It’s been a very busy twelve months for volunteers at the HKMBA and mountain biking in Hong Kong, we saw the first successful Super-D race, the SF Classic take place, the completion of the HKMBA’s Hong Kong MTB strategy plan and our first ever gold for Hong Kong in cross-country racing at an Asian Games.


Budget Bikes - are they up to the task?

will a budget bike bend under pressure?   Steve coward took a leap of faith and tries to answer that question

fuji_nevada 2.0

As the holiday season hits full swing many folks will be indulging in Hong Kong’s 2nd favorite sport which is shopping – we all know that MTB is #1.  But before you plunk down your hard earned money on a top-end bike perhaps it’s worthwhile to reconsider bikes towards the bottom of the range? Steve Coward did. Steve owns and operates CrossCountryHK, a local MTB skills training and guiding company. Here are his insights on budget bikes.

by Steve Coward.

Most of us up-grade or replace our bikes over the years as our passion, skill level and overdraft increases. But buying bikes in quantity for a mountain bike training and guiding business has forced me to kick this evolutionary process firmly into reverse.

With the price of new bikes in HK ranging from $450 to beyond $50’000 I’m frequently asked for advice on a first purchase. Price wise bikes beyond a four-digit price tag were well beyond my meager $3500 budget, I needed about eight purely for teaching the basics, no fancy anodized paint, no stop-on-a-dime, hydraulic disc brakes, and no-rear suspension required. With the help of my eager to please local bike shop owner I set about testing the lower end of the $5000 price bracket to help me get an idea what would fit my needs and also those of the average beginner who is out to buy a sensibly priced first bike.

HK's Chief Takes the Lead

Hong Kong's Chief EXECUTIVE Re-discovers the Bike and how it can bring people closer to nature and improve economic opportunities for disadvantaged regions through eco-tourism

dt takes in the scenery small

After a 29 year hiatus Donald Tsang got back in the saddle last weekend in Tsim Bei Tsui as part an eco-tour organised by BiciLine. His young guides introduced him to the area and local flora and fauna including Spoonbills, Egrets and Fiddler Crabs. This area is very popular with birders and nature photographers. In his blog he reminisced about his last ride on bike in 1981 when was stationed in the Sha Tin District Office and inspected the bikes paths being constructed at the time.

HK's Chan Chun Hing wins Gold in Cross-Country at 2010 Asian Games

Beats heavily favoured japanese rider by 15 seconds and now sets his sights on 2012 London Olympics

cch podium cch corner

HK proved yet again its a cycling hotbed as Hong Kong rider Chan Chun Hing finished the 43.2km race in a time of 2 hours 11 minutes and 33 seconds being the first HK rider to claim a medal in mountain biking at the Asian Games since Brian Lam Cook's bronze medal in downhill in 1998. Behind Chan was Kohei Yamamoto of Japan and Duan Zhiqiang of China

The HKMBA's Vice-Chairman, Kenneth Lam said 'this is a fantastic result. All Hong Kong mountain bikers are very proud of him. He will inspire many young riders to take up the sport.'

Shaun Horrocks of the HKMBA also sees a bright future ahead for the sport in HK with riders like Chan leading the charge provided the conditions are right

'The government has not been taking the needs of the sport seriously and not a single legal trail has been added since Dec 2004 -  almost six years -  while the number of riders grows and grows.  I believe that old landfills could be converted into mountain bike training centres with purpose built trails for everyone of all ages and abilities. They can even be lit at night like the tennis courts are.'

Congratulations to Chan Chun Hing from the HKMBA Team



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