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Suggest Tai Lam Trail CP Improvements Here

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #3293 by Pk101
Great comments, thanks for the input. This message has been heard loud and clear :laugh:

Im in exactly the same position as you, over time what I thought was impossible or lines I never knew existed are now exciting and achievable.

I started this thread mainly because AFCD were starting to do some much needed maintenance and were adding in MTB orientated features at the same time. It was obvious these 'features' were either more dangerous than what they were fixing or were going to fall apart given the traffic on that trail.

So, if they are going to go through with the schedule of maintenace I wanted to ensure that it was sensibly built, correctly chosen and hopefully more exciting and/or keeping the existing feel of the whole trail. I didnt want them to do what they thought we wanted and for it to be a waste of resources. Would it be better spent on new trails/features that were needed.

Anyway, who knows if it will get acknowledged....fingers crossed. Here is the link to the original post that started all this www.hkmba.org/index.php/forum/2-trails/3...t-works-underway-tlc


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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #3294 by blackcolour
Agree entirely with JaspHK and PK101. As a beginner, I acquired and polished my skills at TLC by riding it back and forth over and over again. Challenges that seemed nigh on impossible is now relatively easy. Although I'm no longer a beginner, I still ride TLC over half of my riding time as I think it suits my style of riding and there is room for me to improve at every technical bit.

Therefore we are trundling a very fine line between making it easier and safe for beginners, and/or maintaining some of the challenging parts for more skilled riders. Why not both? The recent efforts to open a bypass near the waterfall is a superb example of catering for all needs. Beginners can take the new bypass if they cannot (yet) handle the ferocious ups and downs.

Obviously not everywhere (where technical rating exceed beginners level) can be fitted with a bypass or chicken run, and we'll have to think, should we dumb it down for beginners, or maintain it is a relatively difficult part reserved for the skilled? My view is that, first, they should make dangerous part safe for all types of riders, and that means removing those now-pointless rocky steps (because erosion have taken place around the steps) which is potentially lethal if anyone bangs their head against it in a crash. Second, if the area prohibits a chicken run due to lack of space, how about a longer detour? Or or solutions such as bridges, raised wooden platforms, etc. On the whole, I do believe that beginners have to be catered first, as TLC is the only truly beginners friendly mtb trail in HK, at least for the foreseeable future. Its difficult should lie somewhere between beginners and intermediate. After-all, isn't it our long term goal to get more people into the sport and developing it into a jewel in this region?

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