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Bicycle World Sucks/Flying Ball Rocks

10 years 1 week ago #362 by mlam10023
I just got back into m-b recently and I took my old bike to Bicycle World in Wanchai for a service and some adjustments. The guy called Jonathan there was a total ass. He knows nothing about mountain biking, but acts like he's the Biking God of HK. When I asked for some adjustments to be done, he just went on and on about how I didn't know anything and that all was fine - of course he then said I should consider buying a new bike altogether. I then proceeded over to Flying Ball and the mechanic immediately asked me how I felt and gave me some very good suggestions. I decided on a new raised handlebar and a slight seat adjustment because I was feeling too stretched out to handle the technical stuff. On top of it the guys at Flying Ball were nice. I suggest that anyone needing a serious bike shop go to Flying Ball and stay away from Bicycle World.

You can quote me on this.

Michael Lam

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10 years 1 week ago #363 by zephyr
He didn't sell you a MiniBond did he?

That's a pretty harsh thing to say about anyone in a public forum. Apart from wasting your time with advice that you did not find helpful and trying to sell you a bike --- its a bikeshop! --- did he cheat you? or call you names?

Maybe he thought your "old bike" is just too old to handle the terrain in HK. Many young guys here have never seen a bike without decent suspension so he could have been trying to save your skin, so to speak.


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10 years 1 week ago #364 by mlam10023
Zeff, you must be the administrator of this site. In that case you must have written somewhere that members are not allowed to voice their opinions here.
Then I apologize.

However, if I'm wrong and you're not the administrator, then simply don't listen to what I said and patronize Bicycle World to your heart's content.

But just out of curiosity, how would you feel if a store clerk not only gave you horrible service but also tried to cheat you and talked down to you as if you knew nothing?

For example:
I told him my brakes weren't working well and that I may need new pads since they were 10 years old. He took a cursory look at my brakes and said I probably wasn't braking correctly and went on about how most people didn't know how to brake and that the rubber in brake pads can stay within their operational limits for more than 10 years. And for the record, my pads were hard as rock at that point and I was having trouble getting enough friction braking down a hill.

I complained that my weight was too far forward when I was riding and it made it difficult for me to get over some of the larger obstacles. His immediate reaction was not to ask me some smart questions or to check my geometry with the bike, but to tell me that I didn't know how to ride.
Even if in both these instances, he was correct don't you think that a responsible salesman/store manager should really find out more before making certain conclusions?

I bought a pair of gloves from them, but managed to leave them at the store. When I visited them again a day later, I still wasn't aware that I had left them and they didn't mention the gloves. The third time I went back, I had remembered the gloves and mentioned it to Jonathan. He told me he knew exactly what I was talking about right off the bat and handed me the gloves. I immediately thought, ok this guy has my phone number, I was in here yesterday, so why didn't he call me or tell me before that I left the gloves at the shop?

Look these are only my own two cents. I'm just trying to offer others some advice based on my own unpleasant experience. Maybe if you go he'll treat you really great. If that's the case, then good for you.


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10 years 1 week ago #366 by zephyr
Dude, I can sense that you feel victimized and are losing sleep over the shock of it all. I really feel for you.

BTW, how did Jonathan react when you explained your frustrations with his service and knowledge? Did you follow it up by calling him a "total ass" to his face?

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10 years 1 week ago #367 by BeardedBlunder
This totally sucks!
Mlam i know your fustration

a bike is a bike no matter if its a shiny new full suspension or a 10 year old cluncker - its about being out on the bike - bike shops should encourage ALL bikers and be prepared to service any bike, ok for safeties sake they may suggest alterations as an old bikes geometry differs a lot from the new beasts but at the end of the day its about being out there on the bike and not looking at it

i have rode all of hk trails on my old hardtail singlespeed with 80mm of travel and enjoyed it just as much as when in ripping the trails on my full susser

bicycle world does have a reputation for being surly but i have always found jonathon freindly and helpful so what you say comes as a shock.

Thanks for posting your message and making everyone aware of your discontent, hopefully this kind of message will encourage the shop owners to realise where they are going wrong

FYI Zephyr isnt an administrator! but i am


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10 years 1 week ago #371 by ernstbarkmann
i believe many people have been to bicycle world have similar or different but also frustrated situation.

some stuff there are really stupid salesman.

like if they do not know you, they wont even talk to you.

like if you dress like just afterwork somewhere construction site, they look down on you, they think you dont know bikes and you would not have the damn money to buy one.

i tried to take a look of a pair of new bomber 55 fork at their shop, i took the fork, invert it and press it down to try its compression and damping. i believe many bikers try out forks that way, no big deal. but one of the bicycle world guy shout at me, stop it, you cannot invert the fork this way. really pissed off.( actually, i have done that with another fork in their shop before, nothing happened)

and another ocasion.. i went buy some power gel, prepare for my sunday ride. i stand at the cashier for over 10 mins...i ask if somebody can get my issue done. they just hanging around let me stand there more than ten minutes, one talking to another guy, at the cashier, one have notice me but keep working on another bike, havent ask his colleague to help me.

its the responsibility to serve customers/potential. and that's not the way.
compare to one of my friendly bikeshop, the only guy work there is the boss.
he serve anybody walk in no matter he knew that guy or not, as long as he notice a guy coming in, he will ask what he could help and what this guy looking for?

another similar shop like bicycle world is the mong kwok professional bicycle.
they love to tell (poor look guys) or kids the bikes are very expensive, etc like you wont be able to buy one, please get out of the shop.

this really not acceptable, i just wonder how this could happen these days in hong kong. while the govt. keep promoting service level.

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10 years 1 week ago #377 by tom
Like Ernst has been saying many of the shops judge a book by its cover, which is really sad and old fashioned attitude.

I Used used to loath going to BW because of exactly what Ernst was saying - uninterested sales staff - and they always seem to have more staff than customers in the shop. I often just left empty handed even for simple stuff like a tire and made the extra hours trek out to FB. However, that changed when Jonathan showed up at BW. I found that he's very interested in helping the customer -- any customer! So now I try BW first and on many occasions I have actually found what I needed and saved the extra long ride out to FB. I think the guy who started this thread was a bit harsh on Jonathan --- but, hey, he had a rough ride and wanted to share it with the world and that's what this forum is for.

FB are always good but they are badly understaffed. On a Sat it can take 20 minutes to just get some help finding something. Lineups at the cashier are very common and it can take another 15min to just pay and leave... so add that time into the extra long trip to the shop. I agree with Michael in that the FB mechanics are excellent and often take some extra time to show me how to service the parts on my bike.

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10 years 1 week ago #379 by ratcat
200% agree. Bought my Avid there thinking I would get some after service. I went in to try to bleed my brakes, they told me I have to leave my bike there for a few days. So I rode to Shatin and got them fixed. 15 minutes job for free.
And do they call people names in BW?? damn yes they do. You couldn't believe what they said after a customers leaves thier door.
If you are a Westerner, then you get a better treatment but hell, behind your back I heard some very nasty insults. They got an attitude problem.
The only people who gets a fair service is those who's got a certain look and ride a certain bike. I have neither.

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10 years 1 week ago #381 by ernstbarkmann
i believe they got either management or cultural problem.
a)management: the owner was not in the shop, the person in charge are "too friend" with his colleagues, so never urge them to step up and adjust their atitude.
and the stuff seems havent been trained in communication skill. just keep their mouth shut to people they do not know. if i'm the boss, i certainly will kick their ass and ask them to be aggressive, to have proper manner and proper knowledge of bikes and proper skill of communication.

b)cultural, may be such complaints from us are their culture, their boss agree and so as the manager, i believe it could be better!

i do not bias on any one of the bike shop. even fb(i ride with their technician every week) or my friend's shop, they have their problem.

all we want as a customer is resonable, helpful and positive manner.

like my friend, he will dark face at people talking/trading second hand at his shop.

like flying ball, even their technician said the stock management is weird, propular parts from sram, shimano always in short. too much weird components from wholesaler are purchased and kept in stock for years. people most likely purchase frames from them but have to seek for proper components from other shops.

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10 years 1 week ago #382 by El Rey
I also have a very low opinion of Bicycle World. Except Jonathan who has been very good to me and always friendly.

However the rest of the staff is rude, un-friendly and unknowable. They completely ignore you or look away when you get eye contact with them. This goes for the owner.

In addition the guy Watson who is the supposed mechanic has no idea what he is doing. I kept bringing my bike back for the same issue and it never got fixed.

I will never bring my bike back there for service....Never!

On the good side I have been working on my bike more and more and can say I have become quite the capable "wrench".

The only reason this business is still alive is because there is no alternative on Hong Kong Island.

But I don't care I will never go there again. And I spend quite a bit of money on bike parts.....:S

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