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  • Hi all,


    各位熱愛單車活動的朋友, 我們現正收集各位的簽名以要求政府取消限制單車在郊野公園範圍內活動的條例, 請你們多多支持, 簽名表格已放於下列各區的單車舖. 另外, 也請你們幫助把本文訊息通過其他單車網站, 電郵或口傳盡力傳開.

    我們預計簽名活動約進行一個月至3月29日, 及後於適當時間約會有關政府官員遞交簽名及請願信件, 詳情容後公佈. 謝謝各位支持!

    A local mountain biker has started a petition
    "Signature campaign for OPEN ALL TRAIL for mtbiker".

    This is to show your support for the lifting of a ban on Mountain Biking in our Country Parks. Please support this cause and you can sign this petition by visiting your local bike shop. Sign up sheets have been up since Feb 23.

    Once the signatures have been collected they will be submitted to the government to raise awareness of our need to access all trails in HK the same way that hikers and runners can. So, OPEN ALL MTB trail for the mtbiker.

    Attached is the petition. Please print it out and take it with you and collect as many signatures as possible. We will supply an address where you can mail or drop off completed sheets.

    We hope all bikers will support this campaign.


    Bike shop name & address

    Hong Kong Island, Wanchai

    單車世界 \ The Bicycle World 28922299
    香港灣仔活道15號地下 \ 15 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



    飛球 \ Flying Ball
    G/F, 478 Castle Peak Road,Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong www.flyingball.com

    野牛 \ Bull Bike Shop
    G/F, 250, 渡船街油麻地, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    榮記 \ Wing Kee Bicycle Co. 27775260
    深水 \ Shamshuipo

    騎士單車優閒用品店 \ KIS BIKE


    順利 \ Shun Lee Bike Shop
    沙田巿中心 \ Shatin Town Centre

    動力 \ Power Bike Shop
    大圍雲疊花園 \ Tai Wai, Shatin

    單車專門店 \ Extreme Bikes 26749262
    大圍村第一街 \ Tai Wai, Shatin

    Ma On Shan



    Tai Po

    登山者 \ 26586789

    Sheung Shui

    鎮洋兄弟單車有限公司 26703639
    Chung Yung Bicycle Shop, 132 San Fung Avenue, G/F, Sheung Shui, NT, Hong Kong

    香港單車專門店 The Bicycle Shop (HK) 26702318
    上水新豐路27號地下 \ 27 San Fung Ave., G/F, Sheung Shui, N.T.


    標準單車 Standard Cycle
    粉嶺 聯安街33號 / 33, Luen On St, Fanling

    Yuen Long

    天豐單車 \ Tin Fung Bicycle 24423808

    祥記 \ Cheung Kee Cycle Co. 24746794

    雲鵬單車 Wan Pang Bike Company
    6, 福亭街, 元朗

    順利 Shun Lee bike shop (Yuen Long)

    昌緯單車 \ Cheong Wai Bicycle 24705498


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