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Getting to Hoi Ha Village/Wan Tsai, and Tai Lam

6 years 7 months ago #2314 by raadickhk
Hello all,

1. How does one get to Hoi Ha village?

I read that you can take minibus #7 from the main bus station in Sai Kung town. Do you think the minibus will accept my mountain bike? (it folds). Knowing minibus drivers, I think I should be prepared for mean ones that won't let me take my folding mtb.

I could also get a ride from a friend but I'm not sure how to get there by car either.

Once in Hoi Ha village, how far is it to the Wan Tsai peninsula?

2. How can I get to the starting point of Tai Lam mtb route? MTR all the way?

Thanks all!

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6 years 7 months ago #2322 by YW-Slayer
1. You can cycle from the entrance, but it's a pretty demoralising 9km ride up and down roads that saps your energy for the fun stuff. If there are cabs at the entrance to the park, take one. It's not that expensive and you should save your energy.

Cars aren't allowed into the country park unless they have a pass, so if you get a ride, your friend will probably have to park at the entrance to it, then you either do the 9km ride or take a cab.

Not sure about folding bikes, but you may have more luck with them and the minibus (or regular buses) than with a normal MTB!

2. For the reservoir loop you can cycle from the MTR station to the start of the reservoir loop, that's about a 20 minute ride though. Easiest way if you have a car is to park at or near the Gold Coast and then cycle up to the start of the reservoir loop. It's past the wargame part (mentioned in the "From Tuen Mun / Gold Coast" section of the guide). Haven't tried the other trails around the area though.

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