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Can I ride into Sai Kung Country Park?

4 years 10 months ago #3429 by fuji29er
Tommorrow (Friday) I'm planning to go the trails on Wan Tsai 'island' by riding from Sai Kung to Hoi Ha, but don't know if I'll be let through the gate. I have a trail permit but the gov web info states

Q: Can I ride a bicycle in country parks?
A: Apart from those ordinarily resident within country parks or special areas, other people are not allowed to bring, either by riding, carrying or pushing, any bicycle into country parks. Nevertheless, the AFCD provides a number of mountain bike trails in country parks. Those who want to ride a bicycle on these designated trails may apply for a permit for the use of mountain bike trails from the Country Parks Division.

so do I have to helio the bike into Wan Tsai ? It would be nice to know before I get to the gate.

thanks in advance


ps I'd turn left at the gate and go on the trail if I thought the bike I'd hired for the day would be up to it, I'm used to a bit of porterage!

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4 years 10 months ago #3430 by Pk101
Hi JP,

If you mean the gate at Pak Tam Chung, dont worry as long as you stay on the road its fine. Also, do not cycle around High Island reservoir road...you will get ticketed if caught.

The only designated MTB trail starts at Pak Tam Chung village to Yung Shue O then around the coast to Pak Sha O which finishes up at Hoi Ha/Wan Tsai. Or did you want to take the road all the way to Hoi Ha?

Ive done that MTB trail a few times and is wholly unrewarding from a biking presepective as you are hiking the bike or on concrete for long periods. You take in some lovely areas but is better hiked than hike-a-bike if you know what I mean.

I used to live in the area and know it well, happy to help :)

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4 years 10 months ago #3431 by YW-Slayer
You'll be fine, but I agree with pk's observations. Wan Tsai is short and not particularly sweet and takes a lot of road riding to get to.

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4 years 10 months ago #3432 by fuji29er
Thanks to Pk101 and YW-Slayer.
Got through the barrier OK, I suspect the trick is to look like you’re going through anyway. It was a good road ride, a bit hillier than I remember but then that was 20 years ago in my car. It was warm , not something I’d attempt in August. Had a look at the start of the trail, went past the plush new and apparently deserted marine conservation centre, past the pier I used to scuba from, to where the concrete path ends in roots, rocks and steps and the best line seems to be taken by the water main. It didn’t seem much like a bike trail but I didn’t go very far in as I was by myself, with no pump, no clips/cleats, pogo-stick front end and the memory of heat exhaustion on that same path in the 90’s, though not on a bike.
So, back in Sai Kung for lunch, OK for a start. Now trying to find a loan bike so that I can do some more. If I manage it I’ll give the Sai Kung trails another go, as they are easily reachable from my son’s home.

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