The HKMBA pours onto the race scene

With temperatures soaring volunteers of HKMBA cool things down a bit

the watering hole

The Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association (HKMBA) poured onto the scene at the Action Asia Events Mountain Bike race Sunday 21st at Tai Lam Country Park. HKMBA members volunteered to man the much-needed “cooling station” at the falls by dumping cool water over the heads of the hot racers as they zoomed by for three laps.

Other HKMBA volunteers spent their time helping competitors in the race transition areas handing out much needed water and passing off stored bottles and food. Others took the time to hand out flyers and talk with fellow riders about the efforts of HKMBA and how there is room for everyone to be involved with getting better trails and training areas in Hong Kong.

There were many smiling faces after the cooling water dousing and many thanks to the thoughtful volunteers who took their time to promote HKMBA efforts.

In spite of the hot weather over 200 entrants participated in the race. This is the second race in a four race series run by Action Asia Events. AAE is the only private company in Honk Kong that runs mountain bike races and without the efforts of Michael Maddess putting the races on options to satisfy an ever growing racing community would be very limited. In fact over 30 competitors came from Macau to participate in the race. A Brazilian and a Mainland Chinese traveled to the race from China. They indicated they traveled the distance because the level of competition at AAE races was very high.

And the competition was sure not to disappoint. Some of the biggest names in Hong Kong Mountain Biking were at the event. Notable racers on hand were Cheng Cheuk Chun, just coming back from the Olympics. Tsang Chi Kong one of HK’s best DH and XC racers, Ryan Blair, Captain of Asians top Adventure racing team, Asia Pacific Adventure, and our own HKMBA Chairman, Bob Smith.

The racecourse was described as “fast” with over half the course held on a concrete road. The mass start opened the race and down the reservoir wall. This furious pace was quickly slowed down by the big road climb up to the highest point in the race. This was the section for the strong climbers and more road oriented races to make up time. There were a few very steep, but short, sections that forced many riders in the granny gear. There were also some nice even sections that went along the contour and two longer, but more gradual climbs that rounded out the road portion. Finally to the top, efforts were rewarded with a fast and furious decent before heading into the single track for the next 7km.

The next 5 km section flattened out and ran along the water line of the reservoir and although mainly smooth terrain there were at least 6-7 sections that superior bike handling skills gave the racer a good opportunity to make up time. But certainly the majority of it could be powered through as long as good corning skills in tight sandy corners were ridden with finesse or time loosing slide outs could have occurred. Just when you were getting into a rhythm on the trail it ended and then up to the falls and into the cool hands of the bucket wielding HKMBA brigade. Climbing over the big rock on the cliff face and then trying to haul the bike up and over the fence and wall were rewarded by an appreciated bath of cool water.

After a short down hill section on the road and another turn over the reservoir the 3rd and most difficult phase of the course lie ahead. In this 5 km section the terrain was steep, more technical and mostly exposed to the sun. The steeper sections on this side had two options, steps to walk or a very challenging small line on the right. Most racers were forced to walk these sections but there were a few determined racers who rode all or most of the climbs. On the downhill sections most of the sections were ride-able but definitely more challenging then any other part of the racecourse.

The final stretch before the finish was on a nice flat wooded area that allowed racers to put in a strong finish of the race.

Big smiles, hand shakes and pats on the back greeted the racers as fans and fellow racers all basked in the satisfaction of sharing this difficult but fun sporting event.

HKMBA would like to again thank all the volunteers who helped out with this race and making our “crank it up a gear” effort a “bike” success.

HKMBA is an all-volunteer group of mountain bikers just like you who are working to get better riding conditions in Hong Kong for all riders. The more mountain bikers who join in this effort the more success we will have. Please drop us a line to see how you can help!


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Mens top three overall

1. Cheng Cheuk Chun (4 laps)

2. Yeung Chi Pui (3 laps)

3. Tsang Chi Kong (3 laps)

womens top three overall

1. Sean Ho (3 laps)

2. Emma Pearson (3 laps)

3. Dennex Lui (3 laps)

Mens 15 - 29

1. Cheng Cheuk Chun (4 laps)

2. Chuck Cosman (3 laps)

3. Wong Sze Shun (3 laps)

Mens 30 - 39

1. Yeung Chi Pui (3 laps)

2. Tsang Chi Kong (3 laps)

3. Ryan Blair (3 laps)

Mens 40 - 49

1. Au Kok Pau (3 laps)

2. Wong Bing Yiu (3 laps)

3. Bob Smith (3 laps)

Mens 50 +

1. Cheung Dig Fai (3 laps)

2. Wong Shun Choi (3 laps)


Tsang Chi Kong, Yeung Chi Pui , Ryan Blair




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