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HKMBA is embarking on an initiative to promote safety and cooperation between other trail users  and bikers. 

Hong Kong's natural beauty draws thousands of outdoors enthusiasts out from the cramped city and into the hills every weekend, with hikers and mountain bikers being the primary users. Most of the time these two get along, treating each other with respect. But sometimes this is not the case.

We at HKMBA are aware that some people see bikers as a danger to hikers on the trails. We also know this is the opinion of a small minority of hikers. The Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) says it gets complaints from hikers about bikers on the trails, but not many Most encounters between the two groups are usually pleasant and friendly.

The AFCD says there has never been an accident and injury between a hiker and biker in the 15 years since the trails were first opened to mountain bikes which proves a point.

We realize, like any other sport that there will be some people who disregard etiquette and may pose a threat to the others on the trail, but these kinds of riders are few and it is up to other riders to educate them .


Mountain bikers, must be diligent about safety and cooperation between hikers and bikers. To this end HKMBA has created a safety poster ( icon Share The Trails Poster) which explains what both a hiker and biker should do when approaching each other on the trail. You can print this PDF document and give to friends, outdoor shops, schools, hikers or anyone else who you think may benefit from this information.

To make it a safe environment for everyone, we have been diligently looking for alternative trail options in the parks to alleviate congestion on trails heavily used by bikers and hikers. We know there are easy solutions to dramatically improve the trail network by using international trail building methods as well as by using abandoned trails that are little used by hikers in more remote areas of the park.

However, our efforts to convince the government on these points have been very successful. The AFCD, in late 2011, launched their own share the trail campaign. You will now signs posted throughout the park with their updated guidelines. A sample of their pamphlet is hereicon AFCD Share The Trail Pamphlet (649.89 kB)

HKMBA is committed to the safe and enjoyable use of our country parks.