New Mountain bike trail on Lantau


After extensive work from key HKMBA members the award for this important project was realized. Working in conjunction with IMBA, Alta Trail builders, and local mountain bike expert, Julien Lallemand, Scott Wilson was given the contract award.

This project represents the first time official government procurement has gone out for the building of mountain bike trails in Hong Kong. A clear indication of the recognition and value of mountain bikers interests. This project falls under the “Lantau Outdoor Improvement” umbrella and has been on the books for several years

The scope of the project is to determine the feasibly of expanding and improving mountain bike trails on the south side of Lantau. As we all know the existing network does not meet the needs of mountain bikers and at least half of the existing legal trail network is concrete.

Although a good first step there is much work to be done in order to assure that the project in fact moves in a direction that is advantageous to mountain biking interests. There will be many stake holders involved to include Lantau communities, CEDD, AFCD, lands department and others, so the need for mountain bikers to stay involved in the process the entire time is critical, otherwise our interests may not be heard and we could end up with more concrete or no trails at all.

This first phase is for the study or feasibility of building trails. Phases two and three will include the actual design and construction of the trial network respectively.

Under consideration currently are issues such as impact on local villages, transportation (how to get to the trails), impact on flora and fauna, safety, and of course where and what type of trails to build.

As always AFCD has a critical role to play in this project as the trails will be in AFCD managed territory and as always they will attempt to limit mountain biking as much as they can. This is why it is important that interested parties make their voices heard and make sure AFCD doesn’t thwart the project as they have done in other parks through out Hong Kong.

We encourage all interested parties to contact their local government representatives and express their interests in assuring that this mountain bike trail building project actually address the needs and interest of mountain bikers.