Mountain bike politics

Legco member Albert Chan supports the idea of more trails

Earlier in July HKMBA and HKMB, a local mountain bike club joined forces and met with Legco members Mr. Raymond Wong and the Honorable Albert Chan. The aim, to prove that there is a need for more trails in the country parks for bikers.


Chan listened enthusiastically and was surprised to learn of the rapid growth and popularity of the sport and how Hong Kong has the potential to become a tourist hub for biking. Though they did not agree to support us in opening all of the trails, they did say that it made sense to open more, and will support our efforts.

This could be the break that we have been looking for. Having members of Legco on our side could be the way to unlocking the bureaucratic nightmare that we face. In early September Chan and Wong will meet with executives from The Development Bureau, AFCD and the Water Department to discuss the need for more trails.

“The Development Bureau holds the key to the success of these requests.” Said Chan, “ As they are the department funding the development and maintenance of new trials.” He explained.