AFCD's First Mountain Biking Safety Day

For the past three years The hkmba has advocated good trail etiquette as a means to improve TRAIL safety and reduce conflict. last sunday, the AFCD together with participation from the HKMBA, HKCA, and hiking groups oficially launched their "share the Trail" campaign. Gold medal winning chan chun hing was on hand to talk to the crowd and demonstate safe riding techniques.

As the popularity of mountain biking has  climbed dramatically in the past 5 years so has the potential for conflict with other trail users, particularily hikers. Many mountain bikers are new to the sport and may not be aware of good trail etitiquette.

Last Sunday the AFCD launched their "Share the Trail" safety campaign which aims at providing a very simple set of set of guidelines for mountain bikers and hikers on how to co-exits together. The launch featured a set a fun skill challenges, posters, banners, speaches, presentations, and quick mountain biking lesson from Chan Chun Hing, gold medallist in cross country at last years Asian Games.

Volunteers later took to the trails and handed out pamphets. Download the copy of the english version here: icon AFCD Share The Trail Pamphlet (649.89 kB)


As the holiday season hits full swing many folks will be indulging in Hong Kong’s 2nd favorite sport which is shopping – we all know that MTB is #1. But before you plunk down your hard earned money on a top-end bike perhaps it’s worthwhile to reconsider bikes towards the bottom of the range? Steve Coward did. Steve owns and operates CrossCountryHK, a local MTB skills training and guiding company. Here are his insights on budget bikes.