Bikes @ 7.1 march 2013 


Bicycles will lead the 1 July rally.
Meet Moreton Terrace (next to main Library), 2.00pm.

Bring your own bike or RENTAL BIKES available with pre-payment ($100 + $100 deposit) by Thurs 27th, contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We call on the administration to recognise the popularity and diversity of cycling now, and support it to boost Hong Kong's livability, economy and health in the future.

Everyone who jumps on their bike to get to where they're going or to enjoy the ride deserves a government that plans and allows for their needs. All kinds of us use bikes for all kinds of reasons and we’re tired of being pushed to the side of policymaking and told "keep out of the way of the important people."

Why does Transport Dept still deny that lots of Hong Kong people ride bikes to go places, even as our neighbours and many other countries are developing the role of functional cycling in a modern city? Our government must look seriously at what cycling can do for Hong Kong.

Please join us to ride (slowly) or walk with your bike at the front of the rally on 1 July.

Important note: police will be checking equipment in Moreton Terrace. Please ensure your bike is fully legal, eg brakes, lights when it’s dark, reflectors.

Any fellow riders who wish to join this event or need more info, you can check out the facebook page: