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The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk

10 years 4 months ago #931 by tom
Increasingly Mountain Biking is being considered the "New Golf" of the corporate world as the executives of the world now are more fitness focused and interested in tackling natural challenges than cruising around in a golf cart. I have cycled recently with executives from several very large multi-national firms and they have indicated that more and more executives from their firms prefer to go riding than suffer on a golf course. I am a former golfer and I share Mark Twain's opinion of this sport: "Golf is a nice walked ruined!"

Bike tourism when combined with business travel has so much potential here and gives visitors a unique experience that can only come from the landscape and ecology in HK! . Apart from Scotland, the home of golf (and Curling), one of the biggest problems with golf, or you could say "McGolf", is that increasingly golf courses in Asia are becoming indistinguishable from courses in the US or Europe. They are designed by the same professionals and have similar layouts. One could come to golf in HK (or Shenzen) and not really notice the natural beauty of the area and possibly forget that you are even in Asia at all! Is that the impression that we want to leave on our guests?

Now if the thousands of our guests who enjoy mountain biking could easily access a rental MTB, a certified MTB guide like bikesteve, and also ride legally in all of the country park trails they would get an incredibly different experience of HK than what can be found on any golf course. In the course of a day they would have covered maybe 30-40km and experienced the amazing diversity of geography, fauna and flora that every golf course seems to try to wipe out. Perhaps they might meet a buffalo, snake or a barking deer or marvel at all the butterflies that follow them down the trails. And at the end of their ride they might get to splash about in fresh water diving pool or at the Gold Coast beach!

And when these executives return home they would talk about the amazing MTB ride(s) that they had in HK and how unique and special HK is in the world to have so many trails and so much ecological diversity so close to the urban areas and only minutes away from their hotel.

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10 years 4 months ago #904 by BeardedBlunder
Replied by BeardedBlunder on topic The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk
here here

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10 years 5 months ago #903 by ratcat
Dear Flora,

Your effort is well appreciated and I tip my hat off to you. Here is the truth of things.
In terms of physical reality, Tai Lam or known as TMS area has the best trails in Hong Kong. This is super for what we call all mountain style biking. It can pack a two or three day worth of riding and I estimated around at least 100 km worth of very excellent off road experience. With conditrion like this, Hong Kong can easily be the mountian center for Asia. I am not kidding, the mountians in Hong Kong is that good!!! And also in terms of technical support, we have already a lot of capable shops in Hong Kong that can get you almost any gear/bike you want.
Getting more trails open is a must for the sport is growing so rapidly.
No particular reason why the AFCD won't open more trials, by openning only meaning taking off the no cycling signs posts. Not a single movement of construction is required.
Yes, this is the truth. There are quite a few complains made by hikers against reckless mountain bikers every year. But the truth also tell us of all the years of bikes and hikers sharing the trails, there are no documented case of collison or
accidents cause by bikers. No biker had ever crashed in hikers. Zero!!! Now that data alone means that we are not so reckless afterall.
The reason not to open trails "only" because of ungrounded complains is just another manifestation of discrimation and prejudice. Now this is not an understatement.
As for the resource argument, like I said, the trails are already there. The AFCD don't even have to lift a shovel, only a screw diver is required to remove signs.
If that too can take up resources of the AFCD, then I am more then happy to offer my valuable time and my effort with a screw driver.
Another illusion sometimes we get fooled into is that AFCD are against MTB and have a strong policy against MTB activity. This is not truth also. Every Saturday and Sunday I see more then ten mini with five bikes and riders each shuttling them up and down TMS. I am sure 80% of the rides are done on illegal ones. Illegaling riding is so obvious. I notice they only need to catch around ten per month to satify their paper work in order to fullfill thier policy.
I suspect the real reason for this inaction is mainly due to adminstrative resource. To open more trails do not take just a screw driver, but number of pages of reports, meetings, making new maps, resposibilities of eduaction of trail sharing, lifting prejudice and so on and so forth.
Catching ten riders per month is in fact a much more effective way of earning a salary.
But work is work, if you can manage to push through the HK MTB tourist idea with proper ground and support, then the AFCD would have to do thier work and we don't have to pray for snow.

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10 years 5 months ago - 10 years 5 months ago #893 by bikesteve
Replied by bikesteve on topic The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk
A year or so ago I was asked by a worldwide mountain bike tour company to put together a five day intineiry for mountain bike riding in HK levelled at the 'average ability' rider. -So YES interest is out there, but the task was stretching what is legally open in terms of trails.

I frequently take out overseas riders and we cover the entire Tai Mo Shan/Tai Lam network in four hours but at least an hour of that is on the road network that you have to use to link up the trail sections. Legalising trails such as the Yuen Tun would greatly expand possibilities for off road circuits which is really what's needed enabling legal shortcuts to places like the little farmhouse for drinks and noodles.

The overseas riders that do come are generally here on business or sightseeing holidays and tack a mountain bike day on the end of their trip, none that i've taken out come here JUST to ride.

We often compare the riding in their home country to riding here and it's blatently apparent that HK is a good twenty years behind in government departments attitude to the positives mountain biking has to offer. Hong Kong clearly does have the potential given the terrain and by dropping the red tape to attract multi day MTB tourism,as well as being supported by great nights out with rest days spent sightseeing.


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10 years 5 months ago #892 by tong tong
Replied by tong tong on topic The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk
flora 姐



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10 years 5 months ago #888 by jezblanchard
Replied by jezblanchard on topic The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk
In addition, i have to agree with you ratcat, we need a decent network of trails to make the proposal worthy, we need to establish a network of trails, that are graded, maintained and well managed to make this "destination".

To me the thought and proposal is positive, its the start point at least, however its a hand in hand approach thats required. No trails, nothing to market!

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10 years 5 months ago #887 by jezblanchard
Replied by jezblanchard on topic The possibility of developing mtb tourism in hk
This is very interesting and i must say positive. When a number of the HKMBA members met with the HK Tourism Board the thought that Biking can attract Tourists and $ was not even a consideration, despite examples of the Alps, and Whistler being presented.

We have a 12 month riding window, a huge number of developable mountains and trails, and we have an infrastructure to support and work hand in hand with bikers, whats lacking is the foresight which is now, thankfully being realised by Madam Fong. HK can and should be the Biking Meca of Asia

This statement is really music to my ears and shows that unlike the HKTB and the AFCD there are people looking at the bigger picture and working to make HK truly a World City with a Global approach to biking, recreation and its benefits.

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10 years 5 months ago #884 by ratcat
Interesting indeed!! I feel if people were to come here to have mountain bike fun then the ride is the most important issue. I don't think the limited trails in TMS right now can promise that. A person with some experience and in fair shape can finish all the legal trails in 4 hours. Then if your target is beginers, some section of the trails are much too harsh and dangerous. If the no cycling sign is removed from the park, meaning all access condition, then we might reach the 50% mark of promising a satifactory ride.
For the past I have been riding in TMS almost every Sunday spending sometimes more then 10 hours on a particular days. I would say a lot of those kilomters is spend on the trails that have the no-cycling post in the entrance.
If we have the all access condition and plus new trails or section with jumps and ramps then I think the possiblelity of "the success of mtb project of Gold Coast" can be realized. But as of the condition now, it is doomed for failure.

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10 years 5 months ago #879 by flora
Madam Li Kwai Fong, one of the district council members in Tuen Mun, told me that she had attended the annual general meeting with the legislative council members last week. In the meeting, she complaint that the development of Tuen Mun is so poorly-planned and she requested for an overall evaluation on the planning and there will be an inter-departmental work gp to form for the development.
She told me that she wants to put the mtb tourism into the development plan.
I do appreciate with her effort put in the promotion of mtbiking and I suggested that we can go to talk to the promotion team/division of HK Gold Coast Hotel to develop mtb tour in their package and put the plan to their website for promotion and advertisement. It is because in my limited knowledge I think HK Gold Coast Hotel is the only hotel that can ride a bike directly to the country park. She agreed with my point and she will contact the promotion officer and we later will do all follow-up with this project. The trial of mtb tour in Gold Coast Hotel may help to give suggestion to the govt about the promotion of mtb in hk.
Afcd has told us that they have no resource for developing mtb trails. If the project of developing mtb tour in Tuen Mun is passed by the Tuen Mun District Council. They can request for extra funding for it. The success of mtb project of Gold Coast will be a stepping stone for our goal.
We need to have more information to talk to HK Gold Coast Hotel and to the HK Tourist Board for the proposal.
Pl feel free to give your information, suggesstion and opinion.

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