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show me the trail (Tai Lam - Tai Mo Shan)

7 years 9 months ago #3032 by yossarian
Replied by yossarian on topic show me the trail (Tai Lam - Tai Mo Shan)
thanks for your reply. i went there yesterday (friday) right after i got the permit. took mtr and #51 bus up the hill and was at the start of the trail at around 16.30 which was a bit too late for a first ride)) once i got out of the bus i saw dudes on dh bikes in full armor, they were about to take off. i hat to do some adjustments on my bike before the ride, so unfortunately i couldn't join them and only asked where the trail starts.

the trail surprised me, it looked smoother on the videos in real life it's more rocky and fun. i'm used to that kind of terrain and got through most of the sections. some rocky turns made me nervous and i hand to get off the bike, but they are ridable, next time i will get them, warmup run ))

i regret that i left my fullface helmet and proper kneepads back at home and had xc helmet and light knees on. would make me feel more comfortable.

i missed one turn after the first reservoir i went down the concrete road to the village, had to clime back and it suddenly got dark. the rest of the way was in complete darkness and i decided not to take the dirt trail. i took the concrete road that led me to prison. from where i took a taxi home.

i will go there tomorrow (sunday) and will do 2 runs. my phone: 68263797

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7 years 9 months ago #3031 by StanleyJ
Replied by StanleyJ on topic show me the trail (Tai Lam - Tai Mo Shan)
I'll be out riding on Sunday... though I'm not the early riser type, so depends when you were thinking of heading out (if indeed it's Sunday)?

If you want to ride to the top of Route Twisk, best would be Tsuen Wan MTR station, and it'll take 40 minutes~1 hour to get to the top of not particularly exciting road riding (unless, getting cut up by lorries/buses count as exciting). Around there is the IMBA green circle rated beginner/easy loop and the short blue square advanced/more difficult rated trail.

Further along the road is the trail head for downhill run... either to Ho Pui or the pirate, illegal trail out to Kap Lung. The entire section is IMBA black diamond (expert/very difficult) with bits of double-black diamond (extremely difficult).

Personally... I would get the MTR and go to West Rail Kam Sheung Road station... aside from being a bit more bicycle friendly, riding from the station to Ho Pui village just takes 10 minutes (it's flat!): goo.gl/maps/3FAP3

I know this bit well... as I live in Ho Pui. :P

There you can ride up to Ho Pui Reservoir. Info here: hkmba.org/index.php?option=com_content&v...icle&id=72&Itemid=73

Once you get to the dam and the mini-roundabout, you can take a right and ride along Ho Pui Pass (black diamond rated) taking about 40mins~1hour, which takes you into Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, which has the "easiest" and most popular MTB trail. However being pre-IMBA involvement, that is still rated "blue square". A full loop, including the concrete section for the latter half, takes the ballistic racer types under 40 minutes. For normal people, 1.5~2 hours.

Or you could go across the dam, see the sign for the hiker trail and hike-a-bike up that to the Ho Pui Reservoir Contour trail. It's marginally more ridable in this direction (clockwise) than attempting it the other way (you see the fork, when you're heading to Ho Pui Pass). Or at the end of hike-a-bike, taking a short left, you'll see the final section of the Ho Pui DH run.

Going any direction along the Ho Pui contour trail, you'll get to a set of steps mid-way which you can hike up and go to Tin Fu Tsai North Trail, the latest built IMBA trail in the middle of nowhere/Tai Lam CP. It's "blue circle" rated, though by far the most flowing trail.

Some of my recent rides:

Ho Pui contour to Tin Fu Tsai North, back to Ho Pui contour then DH run:

Ho Pui Pass then full Tai Lam loop... took the pirate WSD service road out, do not exit this way before 5pm!:

Ho Pui Pass the Tai Lam trail return... ditto above re WSD:

Ho Pui Pass, concrete road (MacLehose #9) to Route Twisk climbing 400 metres, full Ho Pui DH run. It's car-free! Could have also done Tin Fu Tsai North, but didn't:

Ho Pui Pass, Tin Fu Tsai North, Ho Pui Contour:

Ho Pui Pass, Tai Lam Reservoir, pirate "Wanton" (Yuen Tun) trail, Tsing Fai Tong village, Ho Pui Contour & DH... it's a bit of a crazy mad long tough ride:

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7 years 9 months ago #3030 by YW-Slayer
Replied by YW-Slayer on topic show me the trail (Tai Lam - Tai Mo Shan)
Not able to ride this weekend else I'd offer you a lift. But a taxi from Tsuen Wan is probably the fastest. Else it'll take most people at least 40 minutes to get to the starting point near the beginner trails!

A sample taxi fare from Tsuen Wan Road to around the relevant location shows HK$83. Don't forget to add HK$5 for your bike!


I wouldn't bother taking your bike by bus. You'll have difficulty finding one to take you without (or even with) your bike in a bag, and even if you can get on one with your bike in the bag, what are you going to do with the bag when you get to the starting point? :D

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7 years 9 months ago #3029 by yossarian
looking for a company saturday/sunday. new to hk trails. i can ride up and down the hill. bike - giant reign 150mm.

otherwise, see you on the trail :evil:

*how do you actually get to the beginning of the trail if not by a car or taxi? can i get on some bus (bike in the bag)?? i'm taking a train to Tai Wo Hau/Tsuen Wan and thinking of riding up the Route Twisk if not by bus. or is it worth getting a taxi? how much could that be $?

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